Roadmap & Release Notes

Release Notes

02/12/2023, Alpha v1.10

  • Added UEFA Championship 2022/23 Winner Pools

01/19/2023, Alpha v1.9

  • Added Super Bowl 2022/23 Winner Pools

01/02/2023, Alpha v1.8

  • Added Premier League 2022/23 Match Pools
  • Refactored the NFL Pools to use the ESPN API
  • Cleaned up closed pools and website organization

12/07/2022, Alpha v1.7

  • Added leaderboards for World Cup & NFL
  • Refactored the payouts to include more metadata for aggregate stats
  • Created initial scripts to help automate payout aggregation and the sending of BAN

11/21/2022, Alpha v1.6

  • Added ability to filter by Group to Match pool
  • Changed sort of pools so started games/closed pools are moved to the bottom

11/18/2022, Alpha v1.5

  • Added World Cup 2022 Match Pools
  • Added World Cup 2022 Match Deposit History
  • Fixed bug for dark mode text color on Team/Group pools

11/13/2022, Alpha v1.4

  • Added World Cup 2022 Team & Group Pools
  • Added World Cup 2022 Team & Group Deposit History

10/18/2022, Alpha v1.3

  • Added MLB 2022 Playoff Game Pools
  • Added MLB 2022 Playoff Game Deposit History

10/9/2022, Alpha v1.2

  • Added MLB 2022 World Series Team Pools
  • Added MLB 2022 World Series Team Deposit History

10/07/2022, Alpha v1.1

  • Added countdown timer per game
  • Initial mobile compatibility
  • Dark mode on history/payouts pages!

10/06/2022, Alpha v1.0

  • Migrate to a pro hosting account with custom domain
  • Incorporated Vegas Odds from ESPN/Caesar's Sportsbook for all NFL Games
  • Recommender for imbalanced pools
  • Raised limit to 500 BAN per deposit
  • Cosmetics to the home page
  • Clean up History/Payments columns


Short-term Goals

  • Feedback Form
  • 2022/23 NHL Games
  • 2022/23 NBA Games
  • Add graphs to the leaderboard pages

Mid-term Goals

  • REFACTOR to reduce the amount of duplicate code and make adding more sports modular.
  • Track mistaken deposits into wallet not saved to database
  • Poll for deposit transaction instead of the push by clicking "Ban Sent" button

Continual/Long-term Development

  • Automate payouts with Pippin (currently manual)
  • Update the CSS, make mobile friendly
  • Continue to add comments and documentation
  • Add in extra security around the database structure
  • Add in extra security around the dependent JS, Python libraries
  • Add in support for additional sports - Formula 1, NHL

Completed Goals

Completed as of Alpha Release V1.10

  • 2022/23 UEFA Championship League

Completed as of Alpha Release V1.9

  • 2023 NFL Playoffs & Super Bowl Winner

Completed as of Alpha Release V1.8

  • Add in support for additional sports - Premier League.

Completed as of Alpha Release V1.7

  • Pool Leaderboards, most deposited, highest/lowest return, most correct picks, etc.

Completed as of Alpha Release V1.5

  • World Cup Winner Pools (i.e. which country will win)
  • World Cup Match Pools (i.e. every match for every round of the tournament)

Completed as of Alpha Release V1.3

  • MLB World Series Winner Pools (as of Divisional Round)
  • MLB Playoff Game Pools (as of Championship Round)

Completed as of Alpha Release V1.0

  • Host on a pro hosting account
  • Migrate from SQLite to Postgres
  • Mitigate initial security concerns with HSTS, clickjacking, etc, with flask_talisman and explicit response headers
  • Add Payouts History
  • Add extra visibility that games are locked beyond disabled button
  • Clean up display of verified ban address
  • Dynamic QR Code
  • Recommend/Highlight potential deposits based on difference from the win probabilities
  • Connect to scraped Vegas Odds as well as FiveThirtyEight

What the fork is BANANO?

BANANO was forked in April 2018 from NANO. BANANO offers instant, feeless and rich in potassium 🍌 transactions, thanks to the fact that BANANO developers (several of them having being involved in NANO itself) have kept big portions of the original code unchanged to keep cross-chain compatibility between existing code libraries. However, they have fined-tuned some parameters, such as Proof of Work requirements and currency units. While the focus for now is on having an ongoing free and fair distribution, BANANO is also experimenting with feature additions such as a privacy layer (Camo BANANO), on-chain messaging (MonkeyTalks) and more. In context of distribution, we aim to use our meanwhile ready-to-strike infrastructure with easy-to-use mobile wallets (Kalium) and tipbots on several major social media platforms to onboard normies and crypto-noobs who have no idea yet what a cryptocurrency is. We also might do IRL airdrops at some point. Of note, key here is to make the start with crypto as easy as possible, use a fun attitude and gamification to get new users started without all the usual hassle, and then educate them to handle crypto in general in a responsible way.

Check out more about Banano and get a wallet address here!